Who/What do my values serve?

Curtis Blackwell β€’ 2021.10.16

stream-of-consciousness values

Excerpt from my handwritten journal, content below image

Who/what do my values serve? ➑️ I want to start considering the impact at scale my values have.

Does my vegetarianism matter, for example?

It complicates my life, but doesn't really have much of an impact. There aren't several other people eating vegetarian because I am. It just makes it harder to find restaurants to eat at with friends or work colleagues. The best I can tell, is that it forces others to see how difficult it can be to find viable vegetarian options.

Similarly(?) I've never pursued wealth, because I don't really value it. But I do value freedom. I think I want to try and get rich so I can feel secure in doing what I want when I want.