Hey there fellow human!

My name is Curtis Blackwell 🐐. I write here about myself, my work, and my hobbies. I intend to focus on my growth and share some journaling excerpts I find interesting.

You can expect to find content related to high sensitivity, software development, people management, games, music, and thinking about things as systems/engines/I'm-not-great-at-articulating-this-yet. I'll bet a lot of it will be me processing what I learn from people who inspire me.

November 9, 2021

My Work, Distilled

I solve puzzles. That may look like observing people work and translating their frustrations into solvable problems. Or maybe designing a solution for someone else to encode in software. Or even...


November 8, 2021

Old Home Page

My previous home page content feels a little dated, but I feel bad getting rid of it, so I'm keeping it around in the form of a blog post. Here it is. My name is...


November 4, 2021

Generating random alphanumeric strings with Faker

Just wanted to share a quick little thing I learned you could do with Faker, a library I've been using for years in writing tests. Fuck context, show me the coolness. I'm writing tests for an API...


October 30, 2021

Slow and Deliberate

In The Hatchet, the protagonist uses a makeshift spear to catch fish. First, he tries holding the spear above water and stabbing desperately at every fish he sees. He runs out of energy and is forced…