Hey, my name's Curtis Blackwell, and I'm a full-stack Laravel dev.

I work with Laravel, Livewire, Vue, and Tailwind. I work with plenty of other stuff, but that's my sweet spot.

I love building things that matter to people. Things that improve their quality of life—even if just in little ways. Like simplifying tedious tasks so people can do work they enjoy.

I also enjoy working with dev and cross-functional teams. It's fun getting to learn from, help, and rely on each other. Pair programming, collaborative planning and prioritizing, and incremental improvements to our processes allow us to sustainably do better and better work.

I'm good at building consensus and creating thriving, productive environments. I believe most people—when in the right environment—can and want to do great work. And I like figuring out how to get incrementally closer to the "perfect" environment for the team. Tend the garden to yield the best harvest.

When everyone's communicating well and working toward the same goals, it's much easier to understand users' problems and devise simple, powerful solutions. Team members trust each other enough to stay aligned even in moments of disagreement.

Anyway, solving lots of "environmental problems" landed me in a management role. I still get to work with project teams—and I also get to influence how the company operates at a higher level. Things like how and what we sell, pricing models, process definition and refinement. It's rewarding and fun, but I miss coding.

I want to get back to directly impacting the UX of the products I work on. I'm happy to keep doing other valuable work, but I want to spend most of my time writing code.

Other valuable skills include:

…and some less valuable: