Should I use Charlie or Hash Browns?

Should I use Charlie or Hash Browns?

Ask yourself the following questions and use the data below to decide whether you should use Charlie or Hash Browns:

  1. Which users’ experience do I want to enhance?
  2. Do I want to use infinite scroll?

Browser Support

Browser Charlie Hash Browns
IE 10+ 6+
Firefox 23+ 2+
Chrome 29+ 5+
Safari 5.1+ 3.2+
Opera 17+ 9.6+
iOS 4.2+ 3.1+
Android 2.2-2.3, 4.2+ 1.6+
Blackberry 7+ 4.6+
IE Mobile 10+ ?

More info on browser support for Charlie and browser support for Hash Browns.


Feature Charlie Hash Browns
AJAX Navigation
Infinite Scroll
Supports custom animations
Active class for links
Compatible with browsers’ back/forward buttons
Progressive enhancement
Compatible with jQuery 2.x

Wanna see them in action? Check out the demos:

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