2013 Winter Holidays Bundle

From Christmas through New Year’s Eve (KST), you can buy a discounted bundle of all of my Statamic add-ons!

What’s in the Bundle?

StayPal, PayPal for Statamic StayPal: PayPal for Statamic

Dumpbin integrates Dropbox files with Statamic Dumpbin saves files to and gets files from Dropbox.

Charlie, Easy AJAX nav Charlie: Easy AJAX nav

Hash Browns, Easy AJAX nav with legacy-browser support Hash Browns: Easy AJAX nav with legacy-browser support


The discount will decrease a little bit each day beginning on the 27th, so get it soon!

Day Discount
Christmas 25% About the price of StayPal and Charlie
12.26 25% ↑ What he said
12.27 25% Ditto
12.28 20%
12.29 15%
New Year’s Eve Eve 10%
New Year’s Eve 5%

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