2013 Birthday Giveaway

For my birthday, I’m giving away one copy of each of my commercial Statamic add-ons.

How to Get One

  1. Tweet about what you’ll do with the add-on or just make me laugh (make sure I know which add-on you want).
  2. Include a link to this post, and
  3. throw @_cpb at the end of the tweet so I see it and get more exposure.

On November 24th, I’ll choose my favorite tweet for each of the add-ons and send the files over to its author.

My Commercial Statamic Add-ons

StayPal, PayPal for Statamic StayPal: PayPal for Statamic

Dumpbin integrates Dropbox files with Statamic Dumpbin saves files to and gets files from Dropbox.

Hash Browns helps you create an AJAX Statamic site without AJAX knowledge Hash Browns is a Statamic plugin that enables you to easily create an AJAX navigable site with little to no markup changes.

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