The Statamic plugin you probably shouldn't use to make slugs.

See slugify.


Settings always display the default value. They also indicate the recommended usage, config file (key: default_value) or tag parameter (parameter="default_value").

You can edit the code within <pre>s on this page before copying and pasting.

You don’t need this plugin.

Most of the time, slugify gets the job done. However, variable modifiers don’t work on plugins.

{{ slugmaker }}

{{ slugmaker }} makes slugs out of the content within its tag pair.

{{ slugmaker }}{{ some_plugin param="val" }}{{ /slugmaker }}

Optional Setting


To make sure letters are lowercase, use the lower parameter.

{{ slugmaker lower="true" }}{{ some_plugin param="val" }}{{ /slugmaker }}


For now, support requests should be emailed to

I have plans to use a forum (or something similar) in the near future, however I’m waiting to see what Statamic offers, if anything, when the Trading Post launches.

Feature Requests

Feature requests are encouraged and should be emailed to

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